Glen Lehne, born in 1971, grew up on the farm helping his parents with various U-pick farming chores and walnut harvesting until he left to study History at Oregon State University.  Joining Air Force ROTC, he was commissioned as an officer in 1993. He later completed a Masters Degree in International Relations and assumed he would retire in another form of military civil service.  During his time in the Air Force, at every single one of his six duty stations (Montana, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, and Virgina) he would grow a garden, feeding a natural born interest.  He increasingly became excited and  in the idea of re-joining the efforts of his farming past with his parents Norm and Cinda.  As the years crept closer to his military retirement, he researched and planned in detail how his farming endeavors might unfold.  In 2014, after 20 years in the United States Air Force, Glen and his family returned to the farm.


Wendy (Nelson) Lehne
, born in 1978, grew up on several ranches in Southern California, Arizona and Florida where her Dad managed large citrus, avocado and nut agricultural operations. Wendy acquired a bachelors degree in Agricultural Business Marketing from Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California.   After she and Glen were married in 2000, Wendy and their children, Ashlynn and Kylie, enjoyed regular trips to the farm every summer, regardless of where they were stationed.  This sparked much of the interest and passion for her to be involved with the continuation of the Lehne farming legacy here in Roseburg.