Welcome to our multi-generational family farm
located in the beautiful Umpqua Valley of Roseburg, Oregon!

Here at Lehne Farms we grow and provide our customers with year-round fruits and vegetables, servicing our local community at farmer’s markets and through our CSA harvest box program.  We are so grateful to our customers who support our farm and buy our fresh produce each week.  We strive to always treat our customers with integrity, courtesy and honesty.  Here at Lehne Farms, our family carefully manages the grounds and orchards in order to maintain their productivity, quality of products, and long-term sustainability.  We see ourselves as stewards of a natural resource that will one day be managed by another generation.

Our Family Farm History

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Meet Your Farmers

Glen and Wendy Lehne came back to their farming roots in 2014 after Glen and his family moved with the United States Air Force during a 20 year career.  They have 2 daughters, Ashlynn and Kylie, who actively help in the family farming endeavors.  Glen and Wendy actively farm and sell fruits and vegetables year-round. They are involved with their extended family in continuing the Lehne farming legacy in Roseburg, Oregon as third-generation farmers.

A photo of various varieties of apples in wooden cartons

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